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Who are we?

              We are a Brazilian company, headquartered in the city of Ecoporanga, in the country side of in north of the state of Espírito Santo.
In September 2014 we started what became the Sun Bali beachwear company. With 100% of the local labor, we value for producing handcrafted pieces with high quality standard, we care not only delivery a simple bikini, but yes, a wish, a dream.
Always pursuing for innovation, we leave the sameness of current swimwear, we are always investing in exclusive patterns and color charts that follow (and sometimes dictate) the latest trends; With authentic models, fashionable and that wear the most varied body types in the most beautiful way.
From discreet pieces to the most “flashy ones”, we try to meet the most satisfactory cultural diversity of Brazilian women and from all over the world, so that each one feels confident and even more beautiful and unique when using Sun Bali.




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